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Kore 學習搖擺椅專利龜型底部,小孩坐上後,需要取得平衡才可坐好,令孩子釋出多餘精力,達到專注眼前工作的功能。孩子只需選擇合適高度。產品安全,不易翻倒。專利抗菌塗層,同時改善坐姿。

The innovative Kore Wobble Chair with it’s gently-rounded bottom encourages active sitting and allows one’s knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions; continuous movement increases Secondary Focus.

Kore 學習搖擺椅 (不可調較高度)

Kore 學習搖擺椅 (可調較高度)



This height adjustable Active Sitting chair is the perfect seating solution for the teen student at home or the dorm-bound college student. The gently-rounded bottom allows your body to keep moving while your mind stays focused and on task. Ideal for school labs or computer stations, and fits neatly under your desk when not in use.




The unique Floor Wobbler™ allows children to sit comfortably on the floor and remain active in one spot. Ideal for group reading time or flexible seating classrooms. Continuous movement while sitting increases Secondary Focus.

Kore 辦公室或學校搖擺椅:
Office 可考慮購買搖擺椅,對刺激思考十分有用,比較整天坐在辦工椅,選擇Kore 搖擺椅的更能使肌肉得到放鬆,搖擺繳態同時可刺激思考。

SIT, PERCH, STAND! The perfect seat for your standing desk. Supports your weight, takes the load off your legs and gives you a rest from standing by letting you perch. The best office stool for your stand-up desk or for those who can’t be on their feet all day. This chair gives you the flexibility to sit, rest or stand throughout the work day.


為什麼選擇Kore Wobble Chair 搖擺椅

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